3 Types of Roulette You Won't Find at an Online Casino

As online casino games go, roulette is still one of the most popular choices worldwide. These days with the invention of live dealer roulette the experience got that bit realer, with players being brought closer to the classic roulette experience; the thrill of a real table, croupier and roulette wheel, that classic sound as the ball drops tentatively into a random numbered slot. Many online casino players tend to play European roulette because it only has one Zero slot, as opposed to say American roulette with its classic double zero setup. The odds remain slightly more favourable to players of European roulette and it's probably the variant you're most likely to play at an online casino if you're looking to make some profit.

Rather than trying to watch videos of old men explaining casino game strategy, the best and probably the most fun way to practise roulette is by using free roulette games you can find around online. Most of these games can be played directly in your browser (even on your smartphones and tablets) as they're coded in HTML 5 or Flash. There are 100's of versions of free roulette to choose from, including versions of all the top online roulette games from Microgaming, NetEnt, Betsoft and Playtech to newer software from the likes of Play N GO, Novomatic and Felt Gaming. This is the best way to find which software version you like and get used to the intricacies of the games options.

Now whiles there are indeed hundreds of different types of roulette games to play online, there are 3 types of roulette that you will never find at an online casino (or a land based casino too for that matter) and here they are in all their off-key glory:

#3. Tattoo 'Roulette' - In 2015 a craze swept across social media and this version of roulette was just the beginning of what was to come. Take 6 'mates' to a tattoo parlour. While outside, get 6 bits of paper, write 'tattoo' on one bit and mark all the others with an 'X' and place them in a bag. Down 6 shots of Vodka (6 per player) and then everyone takes a paper from the bag. Open them all at once and whoever has the one marked with tattoo has to go get a rubbish tattoo somewhere on their body there and then. If you don't think people are that dumb, check out One Direction playing tattoo roulette (minus the alcohol!) live on TVů

#2. Chat 'Roulette' - Aside of an online casino, probably the most fun you can have on the internet playing 'roulette' is on the website chat roulette. Allowing complete strangers to talk to each other on video chat via random connections was never going to be a good idea and Chat Roulette is a haven for the worst people you could possibly find on the internet. Expect to see hours of naked men, talk to complete lunatics dressed in all sorts of costumes and if you're (un) lucky, a 400 lbs woman who decided spandex was still a good thing. All that's missing is an exiled Nigerian 'Prince' asking you to part with $10,000 for a 50% share of $40.000.000 in hidden inheritance... Not for the weak of stomach.

#1. Taser 'Roulette' - Probably the most insane version of roulette out of the 3 is Taser 'roulette'. In a twist on the (classic) game of Russian roulette, Taser Roulette has 2 people aiming Taser guns at each other. One chamber of each gun is loaded with a Taser cartridge and you get the rest. You shouldn't be surprized to learn that this game also switches up a gear with every round, if you survive getting Tasered in the face point blank, another cartridge gets added to your gun and so on. Apparently its like getting punched full force in the forehead by Mike Tyson, we'll gladly take their word for thatů


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